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Why Start a Blog?

Why a blog? Why now?

Why not?

I have been using social media professionally for a while now with the goal of educating people about wildlife and inspiring them to learn more.

Many of my Facebook and Instagram posts end up feeling more like a mini-blog once I am done writing them. And sometimes I find myself purposefully trying to pare down the information to make it more appropriate for social media. I mean, let's be honest, I can get wordy. But then, after I cut back all the words, I find myself questioning that behavior.

"What if... What if someone out there wanted all the words?" Or, "What if someone out there wants more than the sliced and diced sound-bites of social media?" Seriously, the feeling that I might be leaving something important out is a real issue, people!

Thus, the idea for a simple blog was born. Or hatched if you prefer. (Go team monotremes!) But I digress... A blog was born! A place where, when the mood strikes, I can expand on some information that I posted about on one of the many social media platforms I hangout. Or maybe a place where a question can be answered with more detail. Or who knows what. But it's something.

It will be interesting to see where it goes, what is posted... I am trying to keep it somewhat open, but also understand the need to keep things properly curated as well.

Thanks for joining me here - Don't be a stranger, let's connect on social media, if we aren't already. You can find direct links/buttons to my social media on the home page.

If you want, you can also subscribe to this blog to get an email notification when I post something new. Don't worry, it wont spam your inbox, I doubt I will post much more than once a week. You know, with life and stuff.

Photo/GIF Credit: Free GIF from WIX web gallery.

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