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Weekly Posting... Or not.

So I didn't hit my goal of posting each week. Last week flew by due to working 6 days and laboring late into each night trying to get a handle on editing video.

When I started this blog back in May, I knew I wanted to try to do more videos too. I just wasn't sure what that would look like, or when I would even start doing videos. Then, right before June started, I decided I just needed to start - No dipping a toe, just jump in.

And I did.

Armed with my smartphone, a smartphone-tripod mount and a small tripod, I pushed record and started. This resulted in me creating 2 short "Day in the life" type videos withing the first two weeks of June. It was awkward. Editing was new to me, but I was managing and looking forward to better final videos as my skills improved.

Then IGTV was released, a new video format requiring shooting vertically. (See the post dis-rup-tion for that story.) Suddenly it I was compelled to shoot new videos in the vertical format and a other videos in the horizontal format. Oh, and try not abandon to the blog. And work my usual 50 hour work weeks.

We all know how that worked out for the rest of June. A handful of IGTV videos, weekly vlog style videos on YouTube and no blog posted during the last week of June.

My goal for July is to schedule things out a little better and pace myself. Honestly, the last half of June made me feel like a cat in a

laser pointer test facility. Way to much fun stuff to chase down and try to engage with, but not enough paws to catch it all. And of course that causes my brain to think of all of these ideas at once and I jump from idea to idea with this rapid stream of thought.

(This image* is the best visual analogy I could find that represents ideas spinning out of my brain these last couple of weeks.)

In the mean time, here are a few links (click the green text) to show you "all th things" was created in June:

YouTube Videos...

June 6 A Typical Day

June 15 (Another) Typical Day.

June 26 World Giraffe Day

June 30 Cutest Baby Ever?

IGTV Videos...

There were 8 of them. Here's a link that should take you to the IGTV channel attached to my Instagram account.

ZookeeperRick IGTV Channel

Photo credit: Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

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