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Not Under Water - But Definitely Swamped

This week's blog post is late... and short.

It's currently late Tuesday night and I am trying (desperately) to catch up on messages, comments and emails. Even though the crazy-busy schedule of filming the TV show has wrapped, all of the follow up, post production and prep for the different premiere events has created a whole new set of responsibilities. Sadly that means the blog was put on the bench this past weekend when I normally write my posts. Mostly because other stuff, higher on the priority list came up.

Not Under Water - But Definitely Swamped

Life - What are you gonna do? *shrug emoji here

My goal this summer was to use my evenings to work in my book and the weekends to blog and vlog. Best intentions are often just that, intentions. Life is life, things come up and priorities are priorities. Thus, the blog suffered this past weekend. But I am proud to say that my vlog on YouTube didn't suffer (yet) and it looks like I am on schedule for a third post over there this Saturday. My vlogs are... a work in progress. But you can't improve on anything that you aren't doing, right? So I am doing the things to practice and practice some more.

Odds are you are here, reading this because you were previously, or currently are following me on social media some where. But just in case you are not aware of my YouTube channel, you can click here-> Rick's YouTube channel to see what's up over there.

Okay. Back to email for me.

Image used in this post sourced form Photographer is Delfi de la Rua

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