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Checking In

Hard to believe it has been almost 10 months since my last post. And honestly, that also means about 10 months since I was last check in on this little blog/website.

A lot has changed in that time and I apologize to everyone who has sent messages and emails that went unanswered. Abandoning this site was definitely not the plan.

Quick recap...

Life became busier then I had anticipated and this little blog suffered. And by the early part of March my body started to physically suffer from the nonstop things my mind kept saying yes to. And what made it worse, I failed to ask for help.

I had cut back on my sleep so I could do more in the day. I had increased my caffeine intake so I could do more. I wasn't eating well, because, well, you get the idea. And sadly my stress levels went unchecked. I spent the first four weeks of the "stay at home" order concerned it was a medical issue. Mt symptoms didn't align with those listed for Covid-19, so I wasn't concerned with that. But their were issues, so I had an ultra-sound, then a CT scan and a lot of blood work done too. In the end, nothing was found. Which, of course, is good - no disease, no growths, no worries on that front. However, it was diagnosed as a physical response to chronic stress and anxiety.

From that diagnosis I have work on refocusing my habits and routines. Over the course of several weeks I have improved my sleep habits, dialed down the caffeine intake to zero. Set aside time each day for a minimum of 30 minuets of brisk physical activity. And I have worked to rebalance my nutrition as well. It has taken conscious effort recognize the bad habits. And even more conscious effort to dismantle those bad habits. Additionally, identifying what good habits were needed to put in the place of the old bad ones, and how to construct those new habits so they would stick.

I am feeling better. And I recognize that this is, that I am, a work in progress.

What's Next?

We are all still in the midst of the closures and stay at home orders from the pandemic and I, like many, am working from home. As an essential worker, I do need to go into work a couple of times a week. Even with going to work a few times a week, I am working more from home than ever before. Therefore I am also experimenting and tinkering with more social media from home... which may, or may not, be beneficial. It has resulted in more Instagram Lives and some cooking posts.

But as always the adventure continues. I really do not know how often I will be able to check in here, but I will from time to time. And of course, you can always catch up with me on Social Media.

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