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Blog On Hold

As you may or may not know, this time of year is when school gets started. And you also may or may not know, that this year marks my 3rd year of being a part-time instructor at Moorpark College.

With the Fall semester in full-swing, it has become obvious that I will not have time to write many, or any, blog posts for the next few month. Thus, the blog is on hold until January 2019.

Want to learn more about my part-time job and why I do it? Then, click here to watch ---> Why Do I Have A Second Job?

And of course, you can always keep up with me on the usual social media platforms...

Instagram.... @ZookeeperRick <--Click it to go there

Twitter.... @ZookeeperRick <--Click it to go there

Facebook.... @ZookeeperRick <--Click it to go there

Keep in touch and say "Hello" if we ever cross paths in person!

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